Conquering new horizons.

These events have been a great boost to HechicerIA's global visibility. We are proud that our company is gaining recognition and how we are making an impact in the business world.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is recognized as one of the most important events for international investors interested in doing business in the United States. The event brings together thousands of companies from around the world, business leaders, government officials and policy experts to discuss investment opportunities in the United States.

Here we had the opportunity to connect with international investors and explore new business opportunities in the United States. It was an honor to be part of this outstanding event, where we were able to present our innovative solutions and establish valuable connections with business leaders from around the world.

Annual Investment Meeting (AIM).

It is an initiative of the AIM Foundation, an independent organization committed to empowering the global economy by driving effective advocacy strategies and facilitating opportunities for productivity and economic expansion. The event has become a leading investment platform in the Middle East and seeks to create investment opportunities, foster solidarity and develop economic relations between nations.

We stood out among a sea of talented startups and international companies. It was an enriching experience that allowed us to share our vision and projects with a global audience, thus expanding our visibility and reach internationally.

As a curious fact, we were able to meet the Spanish embassy, since we were the only company coming from Spain.