Effortless 3D video creation, the future of audiovisual content

Thanks to the application of the latest technology that allows the creation of videos with artificial intelligence, HechicerIA has developed CurrentAnima, a tool that allows you to create 3D videos from any text. Turn everyday phrases into the most attractive 3D cinemagraphs that are true to your ideas.

Whether you are a content creator or you need to create 3D videos for your business, Current Anima will allow you to transform any idea you enter into the software's simple interface: a text, a script, a WhatsApp message... The only limit is your own words. Need a transitional video? Want to create a 3D intro for your next project? Discover the potential of Current Anima.

Access to the information you are looking for through our wizard

This is our Artificial Virtual Assistant (AVA) a type of artificial intelligence-based software designed to interact with users and provide answers to specific questions. Unlike a standard chatbot, which is limited to a series of programmed questions and answers, AVA uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to better understand the context and provide more accurate and useful responses.

Able to analyze the language used by the user and understand the meaning behind the words. Can answer simple and complex questions in multiple languages and provide information relevant to the query made, using only the information entered.