All this has been possible thanks to the Technological Entrepreneurship Program of SODECO + Impulsavisión RTVE, without them HechicerIA could not have been in MWC22 de Barcelona.

Here you have a small sample of what was the Mobile World Congress de Barcelona. We wanted to take advantage of this video to show one of the aspects in which he is working HechicerIA and it is nothing less than a TTS (Text-to-Speech), that is, technology that allows the reproduction of human speech through Artificial Intelligence. Maybe you already realized it or maybe not, but this is the technology that has been used to create the voice of this video, there is no one reading anything, and no one has recorded themselves speaking. We have simply written the text and the AI has been in charge of transforming our words into a human voice. This is one of the new functionalities that we are developing and that we hope to introduce in Current Anima, and in this way give voice to the characters.

However, that was not all… We also had the opportunity to appear in RTVE Play and on the radio show Avui Sortim

In this program Juanma Romero will explain to us what the experience has been like for startups that have been part of one of the most important events in the world, as is the case of HechicerIA. 

In just 15 minutes you can see and understand 4YFN a part of what made up the Mobile World Congress.

⇐ Click on the image or here to watch the program.

A nice chat with Samanta Villar Fitó, Jordi Vall Calsina and Meriem El Yamri in the Program AvuiSortim talking about entrepreneurship and the beginnings of each of the 3 startups among which he was HechicerIA.

Click on the image or here to watch the program.