The Age of Artificial Intelligence: A New World Order

For the fourth consecutive year, El Independiente organize the International Congress of Artificial Intelligence which will be held in Alicante the next November 26.

In this edition, we are going to put the focus of this IV Congress on the new world order that is shaping Artificial Intelligence with the increasingly evident role of China and the place where Europe is located on the map of technological leadership.

Despite being a national digital newspaper, El Independiente Since 2018, it continues to bet on Alicante as the venue for this Congress. This province has become a knowledge transfer center from research centers to the business fabric with significant contributions from the different administrations and we firmly believe that these initiatives must be known and supported.

In addition to the general approach, the Congress will dedicate several panels, which we have called "Axes of work" that we want to be discussed by different representatives from their business experience. Thus, entrepreneurship, investment in technology or how companies use Artificial Intelligence in sectors such as tourism, climate change or health will be analyzed in this new edition.

Article: IV International Congress on Artificial Intelligence (