The Occupational Observatory of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, dependent on the Office of the Vice President for Students and Coordination, has informed the winners of the XVII Contest "Validate your business idea Innova-Emprende" in the categories "Agrifood", "General", "Aula Emprende", "Science and Applied Technology", "Environment", "Best innovative idea adapted to our environment", "New Technologies" and "Health". This contest, organized by the Occupational Observatory of the UMH, has the objective of fPromote the entrepreneurial spirit on the part of students, graduates and staff of the University.

In this edition, they have presented 85 entrepreneurs with 61 ideas. Of them, selected 24 to go to the final round. In this phase, promoters have presented their projects to the jury, made up of members of different business associations, entities that support the entrepreneur, companies and public institutions.

In the "Agrifood" category, the winning idea was Phytality, based on the creation of a Food supplement, aimed at athletes and the elderly, for the prevention of malnutrition and protein deficiency. The promoter of the idea has been the student of the Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Bioengineering from the UMH José Luis Lara Barranco. Likewise, in the "General" category, the award went to Marta Perán Pavón, a graduate in Food Science and Technology from the UMH, who presented a craft beer made from bread waste. For their part, the students of the Degree in Business Statistics of the UMH Kristina Polotskaya and Esther Sobrino, together with the professor of the Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Informatics of the UMH Alejandro Rabasa have obtained the award in the category "Aula Emprende", for proposal Ecolista, an application that allows you to manage and inventory the products on the shopping list, and consume them in an intuitive way avoiding unnecessary waste.

The winning idea in the category "Applied science and technology" has been "Freeshakes", shakes for people with fructose intolerance, proposed by UMH Biotechnology Degree students Álvaro Valdés Penalva and Antonio Fenoll Candela. Likewise, in the "Environment" category, the award went to the student of the Degree in Business Statistics at the UMH Aarón Aznar Valero, for the project "Smart ecological blinds", focused on the design of electric power-generating blinds. For his part, José Miguel Alfonso Sepulcre, a student of the Degree in Electrical Engineering at the UMH, and his partner Jaime Garrido Serrano have obtained the prize in the category "Best innovative idea adapted to our environment" for the proposal "Astro solar community", dedicated to the administration of solar communities for their energy use.

In the "New Technologies" category, the winning proposal was "Current Anima", in charge of converting stories and texts to an audiovisual format with the help of artificial intelligence. The award went to UMH Mechanical Engineering Degree student Álvaro Sáez Tonda. Finally, the winners of the "Health" category were the students Samer Kayal Kharrat, from the Degree in Pharmacy, and Tamer Kayal Kharrat, from the Degree in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation, for the idea "Salutem", an application that contains all the information related to the patient's health.

The winners will receive a certificate, preferential access to the services of the UMH Science Park and a batch of gifts and publications, after the development of their business ideas. To do this, they have the support of the University Entrepreneurs Program (PEU) and the UMH Foundation, which will make it possible to present the plan to other awards and competitions, as well as to investors related to the University to promote its implementation.

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