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Artificial Virtual Assistant

It converses with users and provides answers to their questions through our wizard, which employs NLP and machine learning techniques.

What is AVA?

This is our artificial virtual assistant (AVA), a type of artificial intelligence-based software designed to interact with users and provide answers to specific questions. Unlike a standard chatbot, which is limited to a series of programmed questions and answers, AVA uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to better understand the context and provide more accurate and useful answers.

AVA is able to analyze the language used by a user and understand the meaning behind the words. It can answer simple and complex questions in multiple languages and provide information relevant to the query made, using only the information entered. In addition, AVA can also learn from past interactions with users and adjust its responses to improve its performance in the future.

Enter information quickly



Handwrite the information in our interface or simply do a copy, paste.

Web Scanning

Algorithm able to extract all the information of your web page automatically, you only have to enter the url.


A file

Enter the information through a file. Such as a PDF, txt...


We offer several characters to interact with, they will become your assistant, you can choose a male or female voice. All this can be selected from our options section.

Currently we have 2 predefined characters and we are working on creating characters that can be customized by the user.


We offer different scenarios where the character you will interact with will be positioned.

These scenes form the background of the screen and also modify the lighting of the scene.

The default setting is a dark background.

We currently have 10 scenarios, in the future we will be adding new ones periodically.


We offer different versions depending on the device, in order to provide users with maximum image fidelity and a more optimized product for each situation.

Our software works on all devices: tablets, cell phones, televisions, holographic displays and more...

Supported operating systems: iOS, Android, Smart TV, Windows and Mac.

In Summary


Accurate answers

Variety of languages

Customer acquisition

AVA Versions

Prices do not include taxes

Enjoy your Virtual Assistant on any device, thanks to our Local version, you can also have AVA working directly on your website serving all your users 24/7.

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On which devices can it be used?

It can currently be used in devices iOS, Android, Smart TV, Windows y Mac... We are working on making it available for use on your own website.

How many languages are supported?

Supports 11 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi.

Can custom characters be used?

Currently 2 predefined characters can be used, but we are working on adding several character slots fully customizable by the user.