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Animated video maker with a few words

Everything you need is at HechicerIA

This tool allows you to transform your ideas from text to video with AI. Now with a few simple words, you can be an animated video maker with an unrivaled 3D look and feel.

Just by entering a story, a tale, a script, or a WhatsApp message in our simple software interface, the tool will create videos 3D with AI always telling that same story as if it were a movie.

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Our software

We currently have a prototype (Current Anima) that allows you to become an AI animation maker by converting a wide range of phrases and developing many characters, objects, and scenarios. This enables it to be used for any application for commercial or personal purposes. In a few months we plan to finish a product that creates any type of scenarios you may envisage.


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HechicerIA Revolutionises Audiovisual Content at Tokyo Game Show 2023

HechicerIA Revolutionizes Audiovisual Content Creation. Tokyo, Japan - HechicerIA, a leading developer of artificial intelligence for the creation of 3D video from text, is excited to announce its debut in...

Text to Video in 3 steps

Choose language and write what you want in our interface.

Few seconds later the recording of your video will begin.

Move the camera position and get the perfect video.

Current Anima: The new era of cinema, video games and virtual reality.


Movies, shorts, storyboards, education, marketing…


The audiovisual sector costs too much time and money.


Automatic tool, easy to use, the greatest time and cost reduction in the global market.


Cost Reduction


Time Reduction

Álvaro Sáez


"The global hunger for content makes Current Anima the new revolution we've all been waiting for."

Alejandro Morales


“There is no doubt that Current Anima will become the next standard for audiovisual creation”

Artificial intelligence

Language Processing

We use neural networks for natural language processing, that is, we understand the text as if it were from another person. It's basically a simplified model that emulates the way the human brain processes information.

Videos in Real Time

Current Anima uses the Unreal Engine 5 video game engine, which allows us to make use of its great rendering capabilities in real time. This, coupled with our AI, allows us to turn words into a 3D video in a matter of seconds.

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